Doc Brown Memorial Can-Am Tournament



Since its inception in 1987, the annual Doc Brown Memorial Can-Am Tournament has become a staple in the Town of Fort Erie and is proudly hosted by the Fort Erie Tennis Club.

The tournament is open to all members, non-members as well as our American friends. The event has three divisions of competition: Men’s, Women’s and Mixed doubles. All participants are guaranteed two matches, a food ticket and prizes. We look forward to seeing you at our next event.

Doc Brown Memorial Can-Am Tournament Registration Form

  • Thank you for signing up for the Doc Brown Can-Am Memorial Tournament using our online form. The tournament has three different divisions of play: mixed doubles, men’s doubles and women’s doubles. Players with skill levels no greater than 4.5 can participate; we reserve the right to make a final judgment if you are eligible to participate in the event.

    If you are registering for multiple divisions, please indicate your partners and make the payment for yourself and all your partners. The cost is $35 per player for the first category and $25 per player for the second category.

  • Payment by eTransfer only. Once you click “SUBMIT,” you will receive instructions on how to pay immediately after. You are not registered for the event until your payment has cleared.